Rustle-Up Your Own Chicken Wings at Home, in Just 2 Easy Steps

The boldest, juiciest, dirtiest chicken wings brand just got more explosive! Get your hands on the new Dirty Wild Wings 2-Step MealKit and make flavour-packed wings - in your own time, (from your own kitchen!).


Hold onto your apron strings - the rowdy bunch at Dirty Wild Wings have knocked-up a secret blend of 14 herbsand spices for a crispy breaded coating, along with a range ofmouthwatering sauces to give every chicken wing bags of flavourand personality.

All you need to do is follow 2 wildly easy steps andget ready to dive into those wings, pronto!

Step 1: Get ‘em Crisp

Coat your wings in the breadcrumb mix and fry ‘till golden crisp.

Step 2: Get ‘em Dirty

Toss wings in your favourite dirty flavour, finish with a garnish, and get stuck in!

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Customer Reviews

Succulent. Juicy.

Just when chicken wing lovers assumed that life couldn’t get any better, it did. So easy and deliciously addictive, it shouldn’t even be legal.

Get Ready to Raise Your Kitchen Roof

The world isn’t short of fast-food joints. But how often do you see a brand that lives and breathes chicken wings, in all their untamed glory? The truth is, we allcrave the dirty, juicy stuff. The kind of food that’ll have you licking yourfingers, and leave you wanting more.

At Dirty Wild Wings we’ve turned your fast food fantasies, into a reality. Thanks to our secret breaded coating andsaucy flavours, you’ll be cooking-up a storm in the kitchen, with flavours inspired by India, Texas, and the Caribbean. (Did somebody say wah-gwaan?).

So easy and deliciously addictive, it shouldn’t even be legal.


A range of epic flavours that will raise your kitchenroof and crank-up the heat on your home-cooked meal.


Two super-speedy steps (that even a beginner chef willmaster). Awesome for weeknights and busy evenings.


Punchy fast food flavours, without any of the guilt! We provide all the breading and sauces, for you to smother onto your freshchicken wings or veggies.

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