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The chicken wing scene was dull and drab, for decades. Every fast food joint was boxing up wings that lacked crunch and flavour, and any kind of personality.

These poor wings were being shown up by the likes of burgers and wraps on restaurant menus, without even a signature sauce to their name!

It just doesn’t seem right, does it?

Wings that make a dynamite combo with French fries, rice dishes, or even a healthy salad - deserve loads more credit.

Now, it didn’t take long for The Wild Bunch to realise what injustice chicken wings had been suffering, from the fast food space.

So, they dropped everything they were doing and flew in from the wildest parts of the world to show hungry diners what these birdie bits are really made of.

Whether it be a touch of saucy spice from Dr T.Masala or a reggae, reggae showdown from Jerkin’ Mess - The Wild Bunch introduced bags of flavour to chicken wings far and wide; and thus, Dirty Wild Wings was born.

We’re talking a crunchy breaded coating made up of 14 secret herbs and spices, and six distinctively explosive flavours. These winged party animals were onto something.

And it gets Even More Exciting…

Just when chicken wing lovers assumed that life couldn’t get any better, it did.

You see, now these daringly delicious chicken wings by DWW can be cooked by yourself, in less than 20 minutes! A simple two-step Meal Kit resulting in wings that are just as crunchy, saucy, and addictive as the ones you’d find from our fast food stores.

Because frankly, there’s no party like a wildly delicious house party… Well, that’s The Wild Bunch’s motto, anyway.

That, and to never underestimate a chicken wing again.


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